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These are all the topics covered in KS3

7A cells 8A food 9A inheritance & selection
7B reproduction 8B respiration 9B fit and healthy

7C environment

8C microbes 9C plant & photosynthesis

7D variation

8D ecology 9D plants for food

7E acids

8E atoms & elements 9E reactions of metals

7F reactions

8F compounds & mixtures 9F patterns of reactivity

7G particles

8G rocks & weathering 9G environmental chemistry

7H solutions

8H the rock cycle 9H using chemicals

7I energy resources

8I heating & cooling 9I energy & electricity

7J electricity

8J magnets and electromagnets 9J gravity & space

7K forces

8K light 9K speeding up
7 L space 8L sound 9L pressure & moments


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