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1†††††† Variation is:

A†††††† a disease.

B†††††† the scientific name for fertilisation.

C†††††† differences in characteristics.

D†††††† similarities in characteristics.


2†††††† An example of an inherited characteristic is:

A†††††† eye colour.

B†††††† a tattoo.

C†††††† a scar.

D†††††† a broken leg.


3†††††† During fertilisation:

A†††††† a man and a woman have sexual intercourse.

B†††††† a gardener puts manure on his plants.

C†††††† trees drop their leaves.

D†††††† two gametes (sex cells) fuse.


4†††††† Inherited characteristics are caused by:

A†††††† genetic information in the nuclei of cells.

B†††††† environmental factors.

C†††††† blood.

D†††††† children learning things from their parents.



1†††††† Some characteristics in plants cannot be seen easily.
Which of these are you the least likely to be able to see?

A†††††† ripening time of the fruits

B†††††† size

C†††††† resistance to disease

D†††††† taste


2†††††† An example of a physical environmental factor is:

A†††††† the mass of an animal.

B†††††† an animal that is very fit.

C†††††† the temperature of an animalís environment.

D†††††† a dead plant.


3†††††† A species is:

A†††††† a group of organisms that reproduce in water.

B†††††† a group of organisms that can produce offspring that can also reproduce.

C†††††† a group of organisms that cannot reproduce.

D†††††† someone who wears glasses.


4†††††† A variety is:

A†††††† a group of plants used for special television shows.

B†††††† a group of plants of the same species that share the same variations in characteristics.

C†††††† a group of plants of different species that share the same variations in characteristics.

D†††††† a group of plants of the same species that cannot reproduce.



1†††††† A breed is:

A†††††† a type of long, tall grass that grows around ponds.

B†††††† a group of animals that are only kept as pets.

C†††††† a group of animals that are only used for farming.

D†††††† a group of animals of the same species that share the same variations in characteristics.


2†††††† Which of these is the most useful characteristic for a farmerís dairy cows?

A†††††† They produce offspring.

B†††††† They moo loudly.

C†††††† They produce a lot of milk.

D†††††† They produce good quality meat.


3†††††† Selective breeding is:

A†††††† an exciting new technology that may alter our lives in the future.

B†††††† a way of choosing the winners at animal shows.

C†††††† another name for when animals reproduce sexually.

D†††††† a way of producing animals and plants with features that are useful to humans.


4†††††† Dog A is a cross breed. Which two dogs is it a cross breed between?


Dog A.


German shepherd.



English sheepdog.


A†††††† poodle and German shepherd

B†††††† German shepherd and collie

C†††††† English sheepdog and collie

D†††††† labrador and poodle



1†††††† The two gametes found in plants are called:

A†††††† the mono and the poly.

B†††††† the pollen grain and the egg cell.

C†††††† the pollen grain and the sperm cell.

D†††††† the sperm cell and the egg cell.


2†††††† Which of these would be the least useful characteristic in potato plants for a potato farmer?

A†††††† producing a high yield

B†††††† having the ability to cope with a lack of water

C†††††† having a low resistance to disease

D†††††† producing large potatoes


3†††††† In pollination:

A†††††† a pollen grain lands on another pollen grain.

B†††††† a pollen grain fertilises an egg cell.

C†††††† a pollen grain lands on a stigma.

D†††††† a pollen grain grows into a seed.


4†††††† The drawing shows a flower that has been set up by a plant breeder.
The plant breeder is breeding a plant that is a cross between two other
plants in the large greenhouse.

The breeder has done the breeding part and now hasto wait for the
seeds to start to grow.

What is the purpose of the plastic bag?



A†††††† To keep the flower warm.

B†††††† To stop pollen from other plants getting into the stigma.

C†††††† To stop the seeds falling onto the floor.

D†††††† To stop rain getting into the flower.