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1       Which pair of materials are both magnetic materials?

A       silver and gold                B       iron and plastic

C       copper and steel             D      iron and steel


2       Which statement is not true about magnetic materials?

A       They can be made into magnets.

B       They are repelled by magnets.

C       They are used in the magnets people put on fridge doors.

D       They are attracted to magnets.


3       Which materials will block magnetism?

A       iron, steel and nickel

B       iron, steel and copper

C       copper, nickel and iron

D       aluminium and copper


4       Which statement is not true?

A       A north pole attracts a south pole.

B       A south pole repels a south pole.

C       A south pole repels a north pole.

D       A north pole repels a north pole.



1       The two ends of a magnet are called:

A       north and east.

B       east and west.

C       south and north.

D       south and west.


2       Compass needles are made from magnets. One end of the needle always points:

A       north.

B       east.

C       in the direction you set it to.

D       towards London.


3       Magnetic compasses are used for:

A       drawing circles.

B       telling the time using the Sun.

C       allowing people to find the direction they want to go in.

D       telling people how long a journey will take.


4       You can make a compass by:

A       hanging a magnet on a thread.

B       hanging a needle on a thread.

C       sticking a magnet onto a cork.

D       sticking a needle onto a cork.



1       A magnetic field is:

A       a piece of ground with lots of iron in it.

B       the space around a magnet where it can attract magnetic materials.

C       the space around a magnet where it can attract all metals.

D       the space around a magnet where it repels magnetic materials.


2       Which diagram shows the shape of the magnetic field of a bar magnet?






3       The direction of a magnetic field is from:

A       south to north.

B       north to south.

C       west to east.

D       east to west.


4       The north magnetic pole is:

A       near the north pole.

B       near the south pole.

C       at the north pole.

D       at the south pole.



1       Which statement about electromagnets is not true?

A       They can be switched on and off.

B       They are always magnetic.

C       They are made from coils of wire.

D       They need electricity to make them magnetic.


2       Which of these changes will make an electromagnet stronger?

A       Use more coils of wire.

B       Use a smaller current.

C       Use a wooden core.

D       Use fewer coils of wire.


3       This diagram shows part of the circuit for an electric bell.


          When the switch is pressed, which statement is true?

A       The electromagnet will repel the armature.

B       The electromagnet will attract the armature.

C       There is no current flowing in the circuit.

D       The electromagnet will light up.


4       A relay is used in a car starter motor circuit so that:

A       the driver only touches the high current part of the circuit.

B       there are longer wires between the starter motor and the battery.

C       the car cannot be stolen.

D       the driver only touches the low current part of the circuit.



1       A magnetic field around a wire is caused by:

A       the plastic coating on the wire.

B       the coils of wire.

C       an iron core inside the wire.

D       an electric current flowing through the wire.


2       The shape of the magnetic field around an electromagnet is:

A       like the shape of the field around a bar magnet.

B       like the shape of a Christmas tree.

C       straight.

D       square.


3       An iron core will make an electromagnet stronger because:

A       iron is a strong metal.

B       iron is a magnetic material and concentrates the magnetic field.

C       the coils of wire can be closer together if there is a core.

D       the core keeps the coils lined up properly.


4       The magnetic field around a straight piece of wire is:

A       parallel to the wire.

B       square.

C       circular.

D       a spiral.