Electric currents
Electric potential[] difference, current and resistance.
Electric potential[] difference.
5.1.1 Define electric potential[] difference.
5.1.2 Determine the change in potential energy[] when a charge moves between two points at different potentials.
5.1.3 Define the electronvolt.
5.1.4 Solve problems involving electric potential[] difference.
Electric current and resistance.
5.1.5 Define electric current.
5.1.6 Define resistance.
5.1.7 Apply the equation for resistance[] in the form R = ρL/A where ρ is the resistivity[] of the material of the resistor.
5.1.8 State Ohms law.
5.1.9 Compare ohmic and non-ohmic behaviour.
5.1.10 Derive and apply expressions for electrical power[] dissipation in resistors.
5.1.11 Solve problems involving potential difference, current and resistance.
Electric circuits.
5.2.1 Define electromotive force (emf).
5.2.2 Describe the concept of internal resistance[].
5.2.3 Apply the equations for resistors in series and in parallel.
5.2.4 Draw cricuit diagrams.
5.2.5 Describe the use of ideal ammeters and ideal voltmeters.
5.2.6 Describe a potential divider.
5.2.7 Explain the use of sensors in potential divider[] circuits[].
5.2.8 Solve problems involving electric circuits[].

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