Producing plants 

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1. What is the function of the flower?

Reproduction -it makes seeds



2. What is the male sex cell called in a flower?



3. What is the female sex cell called in a flower ?


4. Name the male parts of the flower.

stamen anther and filament



5. In the diagram below, what is part A ?



6. What is pollination?

transferring pollen to stigma

7. What is the difference between insect and wind pollination?         

insect pollination uses insects to transfer pollen

8. Give 4 features of an insect pollinated plant

sticky pollen, bright petals, scent, nectar

9. What is fertilisation?

the joining of male and female sex cells

10, How does the pollen get from the stigma to ovary?

a pollen tube grows down the style

11. What does the ovary usually develop into?

the fruit                     

12. What does the fertilised ovule develop into?

the seed                                

13. Why do the seeds need a food store?

to use until they have leaves

14. Why do seeds need to be dispersed?

to help them get the best chance of light, water, etc