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d = distance (usually in metres)
sp = speed (usually in m/s)
t = time (usually in seconds)




If a car travels 1000 metres in 50 seconds, what is its average speed?

20 m/s                                                                       


A sprinter covers 100 m at an average speed of 10 m/s How long did she take?

10 seconds.                                                             


A car goes from London to Leeds, a distance of 200 miles, in 4 hours. What is its average speed?

50 miles per hour.                                                             


A bicycle travels at 5 m/s for 5 minutes. How far does it travel?

60 x 5 = 300 seconds                                                             


300 seconds x 5 m/s 1500 metres.


If a loaded lorry and a small car were travelling along together at the same speed, when suddenly they were forced to stop, which vehicle do you think would stop the fastest?

The small car                                                             


Explain why you have given the answer above.

The small car is lighter and has less momentum than the heavy lorry


When a vehicle brakes, movement energy is changed into _ energy in the brakes.



What do we call the grip between the tyres of a vehicle and the road?



Some lorries have large pieces of plastic on their roofs, to help reduce fuel costs


a) What do we call changing the shape of the vehicle?

 a) Streamlining,


b) How will changing the shape of the vehicle reduce fuel costs?

b) The vehicle cuts through the air more easily, reducing fnction and therefore reducing the energy needed to keep the vehicle moving.


Katy is riding downhill on her bike. She goes faster but the wind becomes greater as she goes faster


a) What do we call gaining speed?

a) Acceleration,


b) What do we call the wind stopping her?

b) Air resistance,


c) What can she do to make herself go even faster

 c) Crouch down (change her shape - streamlining), pedal faster.