Answers: Level3

1.       (a)     there is no battery                                                                                               1

         the switch is broken                                                                                            1

         the bulb is broken                                                                                                1

if more than three boxes are ticked deduct one mark for each incorrectly ticked box;
minimum mark zero


(b)     B                                                      if more than one letter is given                 1
                                                         award no mark




2.       (a)     ·                                    wood spoon  no                                                                 1

·   iron nail                      yes              accept  for yes                                       1

·   aluminium foil             yes              accept × for no                                         1


3.       (a)     the weight of the bricks                    if more than two boxes are ticked, deduct 1
                                                         one mark for each incorrectly ticked box

         the push of the man's hands                minimum mark zero                                  1
on the handles  


(b)     friction                                                                                                               1


(c)     any one from                                                                                                     1

·   speeds it up                                   accept ‘makes it go faster' or ‘faster'

·   makes it bigger

·   it accelerates

do not accept ‘it fails quickly'







4.       (a)     solids                                                 accept ‘solid'                                            1

(b)     any number between 333 and 353 inclusive                                                          1

(c)     (i)      as waves or vibrations              accept ‘the string vibrates' or ‘it vibrates' 1

(ii)     it vibrates                                 accept ‘it makes the air vibrate'               1