12.      Shadow puppets are sometimes used in children’s shows.

(a)      Where will the shadow of the puppet’s foot be on the screen?

Tick the correct box.  

A      B      C       D     

 1 mark

(b)      How is the shadow of the puppet formed?

          1 mark

(c)      When the light is turned on, the shadow and the brightly lit part of the screen can be seen immediately.

         What does this tell you about the speed of light?

    1 mark



         The drawing shows a bulb from a torch. When the torch bulb is connected to a battery it lights up.

(a)      What happens to the temperature of the filament when the torch is first switched on?

                    1 mark


(b)      Energy from the battery is transferred to the bulb. The bulb transfers the energy to the surroundings.

         State two ways in which energy is transferred from the torch bulb to the surroundings.


2.                                                   2 marks

(c)      Ravi accidentally breaks the glass of the bulb in his torch. He notices that the filament is not broken, so he switches the torch on.

         The filament immediately ‘burns out’.

(i)       Which gas in the air is needed for the filament to burn?                                           1 mark

(ii)      Suggest how the makers of light bulbs prevent filaments from ‘burning out’ inside sealed bulbs.

   1 mark

14.     (a)      The diagram shows two bar magnets.

         The north pole and south pole are shown on magnet A.  The poles are not shown on magnet B.

         Describe an experiment you could do, using magnet A, to find which end of magnet B is the north pole and which is the south pole.

                                3 marks


(b)      The diagram shows a wooden truck near a wall.  There is a strong magnet fixed to the wall and a strong magnet fixed to the front of the wooden truck.






         James holds the wooden truck so that it does not move.
Then he lets go of the wooden truck.  In which direction will it move?

         1 mark


(c)      James removes the magnet from the wooden truck.  He gives the truck a push so that it rolls along the table.

         What effect will friction have on the speed of the truck as it rolls along?

  1 mark

15.     (a)      A torch battery is an energy resource.  How is the energy stored in a torch battery?
Tick the correct box.

as chemical energy                             as potential energy        

as kinetic energy                                 as thermal energy                                    

1 mark


(b)      When a torch is switched on, energy is transferred from the battery to the bulb.
How is energy transferred from the battery to the bulb?
Tick the correct box.

by electricity                                       by sound                      

by light                                               by thermal energy                                    

  1 mark


(c)      Energy is transferred from the torch bulb to the surroundings.

         Choose from the following terms to complete the sentences.

electricity             light                     sound                   thermal transfer

(i)       Energy is transferred from the torch bulb to the surroundings in a

         useful way by       1 mark

(ii)      Some energy is wasted.  The wasted energy is transferred from the

         bulb to the surroundings by    1 mark


(d)      The torch is lifted up and put on a high shelf. 

         Energy is transferred to the torch as it is lifted up.  The energy is stored in the torch while it stays on the shelf.
What energy has the torch gained?

1 mark

16.     (a)      Many substances burn.  Some of them are used as fuels. Some fuels are burned in power stations to generate electricity. 

         Tick the boxes by the two fuels which are most often burned in power stations.

         coal                             natural gas       

        paraffin wax                petrol                                paper                                       

2 marks

(b)      Burning fuels can pollute the air. 
Give two substances which pollute the environment when fuels burn.

         1 .

2.       2 marks


(c)      Some power stations do not burn fuels.  They use other energy resources to generate electricity.

         Give two energy resources which are not fuels and which are used to generate electricity.

1  .

2  .        2 marks

17.     Satellites can sometimes be seen in the night sky. They look like stars slowly moving across the sky.

(a)      We can see stars because they are light sources. They give out their own light. Satellites do not give out their own light. Explain why satellites can be seen in the clear night sky.

 2 marks

(b)      Sometimes a satellite suddenly stops being visible. However, you can usually see it again in another part of the sky later the same night. This can happen when there are no clouds in the sky and the satellite is overhead.

Why does the satellite suddenly stop being visible?

   1 mark

(c)      Give one use of satellites in orbit around the Earth.

   1 mark  

18.     Peter burns a piece of crispbread to find out how much energy is stored in it. Energy from the burning crispbread raises the temperature of the water in the test tube.  

(a)      Describe one way Peter has arranged the apparatus so that he is working safely.  

2 marks

(b)        Peter wants to find out if potato crisps contain as much energy as crispbread. He does the experiment again using a piece of potato crisp.

Suggest two things he must do to make the experiment a fair test.


2.                            1 mark

         The table shows some of the nutritional information from a packet of crispbread and a packet of potato crisps.

(c)      Peter burns 1.0 g of potato crisp instead of 1.0 g of crispbread in a similar experiment. What result will he get when he burns the potato crisp? Tick the correct box.

The change in the temperature of the water will be greater.                   

The change in the temperature of the water will be the same.              

The change in the temperature of the water will be smaller.                 

There will be no change in the temperature of the water.                                                           

1 mark

(d)      (i)       Fibre contains energy. Explain why this energy can not be used by the human body.

  1 mark

(ii)      Use the table in part (b) to give two reasons for choosing crispbread rather than potato crisps as part of a balanced diet.  





2 marks

(e)      Crispbread does not contain vitamin C. Which of the foods in the list below is the best source of vitamin C?
Tick the correct box.


1 mark