1.    It is a sunny day.  Alika is using the sunlight to signal to Sarah.

  (a)   What simple object could Alika use to send bright flashes of sunlight to Sarah?

                               1 mark

(b)   What does this object do to the rays of the sun?

                                  1 mark


2.       A pupil connects a battery, an electric bell and some wires. Her circuit is shown in the diagram.



    (a)      Why does the bell not ring?



  1 mark

        She adds a shiny steel pin as shown in the diagram below.



        (b)      Why does the bell ring now?

1 mark


(c)      She replaces the shiny steel pin with a wooden matchstick.

Why does the bell not ring?

                                                                              1 mark

(d)      She replaces the matchstick with a very rusty steel pin. The bell does not ring. Suggest why. 


                                                                                  1 mark

    Energy is transferred from a number of parts of a car.

(e)      Draw a line from each part of the car to the useful way energy is transferred from the part.





4 marks

(f)       How is energy transferred to the headlamp?

                                                                                                                                                                      1 mark


3.       Each of these things found in the home uses a different fuel.

         Draw one line from each item to the fuel it uses.

         Use each fuel only once.



3 marks



(a)      Claire is sitting in her bedroom listening to music. The sound she hears is produced by the loudspeaker in her radio.

(i)       What is the loudspeaker doing to produce the sound?

         Tick the correct box.





1 mark

(ii)      How does the sound get from the radio to Claire?                             1 mark

(iii)     What part of Claire’s ear detects the sound?                              1 mark

(b)      Lorna is in the school hall. The fire alarm rings and Lorna walks away from it.

(i)       When Lorna is further away, how loud does the alarm sound to her?

         Tick the correct box.

It sounds louder than before.                             

It sounds quieter than before.                              

It sounds the same as before.                           

1 mark


(ii)      When Lorna is further away, how does the pitch of the alarm sound to her?

         Tick the correct box.

It has a higher pitch than before.                       

It has a lower pitch than before.                           

It has the same pitch as before.                        

1 mark


(a)      Megan’s dog is pulling on his lead. 
Which arrow, A, B, C or D, shows the direction of this force? 
Give the letter.

                                                                                                              1 mark

(b)      Megan has to pull to keep the dog still. 
Which arrow shows the direction of this force?  Give the letter

                                                                                                                         1 mark

(c)      Suddenly the dog’s collar breaks.

(i)       When the collar breaks, the lead moves.
Draw an arrow on the diagram to show which way the lead starts to move.              1 mark

(ii)      Why does the lead move when the collar breaks?           1 mark

6.       The diagram shows a lighthouse on a rock.
It is nighttime and there are boats at A, B, C, D and E.


(a)      On which boat, A, B, C, D or E, would the light from the lighthouse be brightest?

                                                                                                   1 mark

(b)      Each boat makes a shadow on the water.

(i)       Draw a cross (X) on the diagram to show where the shadow of boat A will be.       1 mark

(ii)      Explain why the shadow forms there.

  1 mark

(c)      The weather changes and the fog horn on the lighthouse makes a loud sound.
On which boat, A, B, C, D or E, would the sound of the fog horn be quietest?

                                                                                                     1 mark

(d)      Inside the lighthouse there is a powerful lamp and some mirrors.

         The diagram shows the lamp and a mirror. A ray of light from the lamp is shown. Carefully draw the ray which is reflected from the mirror. Use a ruler.

2 marks